DrupalGlamp Sydney 2016

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3rd September 2016

Thu, 3 Sep 2016 09:00:00


DrupalGlamp Sydney 2016 will be held on Cockatoo Island, located in the middle of Sydney Harbour with spectacular views of the city and harbour. In true DrupalCamp style there will be “glamping” available for those wanting to spend a memorable night out at a remarkable location.

The camp will be held over one day, with a mixture of presentations, BOFs, training sessions and socialising. The material presented will suit a variety of skill levels. Newcomers and those with questions will be well catered for with basic site building sessions and there will of course be plenty of scope to nerd out with deep dives into code as well.



There is a lot to keep you entertained on Cockatoo Island outside of the venue itself.


You can book a pre-made tent,  check out the camping options available. The Glamping option offers a touch of luxury, whilst more budget options are still well equipped.  Be sure to book early . Mention “drupalcamp” when booking so that our tents will be located together.  There are apartments available as well.

 The fire pit

On the weekends the "fire pit" is fired up for the campers. You can enjoy a coldie or a glass of your favourite beverage. Roast marshmellows and reflect on the events of the day. We will retire to the fire pit on Saturday night.

 Societe Overboad Cafe

We are lucky to have a cafe situation right next to the venue. Views open out across the harbour to the Harbour Bridge. The cafe will cater for lunch. Lunch is included in the ticket price for the event. For those camping, the cafe will be open in the morning for breakfast.

 BBQ Packs

For those of you who wish to cook your own food, it is possible to order BBQ packs from the cafe for preparation on the BBQs provided. The BBQ facilities are very good with fridges and a kichen area for food preparation.




The current venue capacity is set at 60 with the possibility of going a little bigger if there is enough demand. Based on the interest we have had at past events we expect this event to be at or near capacity. The venue is truely stunning and this promises to be a great weekend away.  Please take advantage of the early bird tickets we have available to secure your tickets. There are also a limited number of discounted student tickets available to make the event more accessible to those on limited incomes.

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Time Success Room Huon Room Breakout Area
08:30 Registration and coffee
09:15 Welcome
09:30 The Views Field Plugin In Drupal 8
Jibran Ijaz
Getting Started with Drupal 8
Max Pogonowski
10:15 Drupal 8 Grand Unified Theory
Josh Martin
Your First Drupal 8 Theme
Max Pogonowski
11:00 Break
11:15 Why Estimations Go Wrong
Pamela Barone
From Photoshop to Frontend
Matt Thorne
12:00 Client side performance with LABjs
Dalibor Matura
Getting started with git
Alexar Pendashteh
12:45 Photo and Lunch
14:00 Testing Drupal Frontend with Nightwatch.js
Vladimir Roudakov
User account management in Drupal 8
Dean Nguyen and Carolle Piedade
14:45 Making the Web Go Fast with Jelly Snakes and Raspberry Twizzlers
Jack Skinner
- -
15:30 Deploy to the moon with Platform.sh
Chris Skene
- -
16:15 Break
16:30 Lightning Talks - -
17:00 Wrap up
18:00 BBQ at the Fire Station
20:00 Chillout at the Firepit



Vladimir Roudakov

Testing Drupal Frontend with Nightwatch.js, Vladimir Roudakov

 Meet NightwatchJS: open source automated testing framework based on popular Selenium browser testing tool. In this session we will cover:

  • introduction to browser automated testing
  • nightwatchJS setup
  • writing scripts [no coding experience required!]
  • headless browser setup on Linux
Dalibor Matura

Dramatically improve client side performance with LABjs, Dalibor Matura

Caching and aggregation can get only get you so far when it comes to a snappy client side experience. Client side performance can be dramatically improved by delaying the loading and execution of Javascript assets through LABjs. Dalibor will demonstrate how he integrated LABjs into a site where the Google PageSpeed score was important. The result is a site which loads like its 1997.

Steven Cooper

Creating an uber-esque OCR receipt processing platform in Drupal, Steven Cooper

Receipt processing is something that everyone needs, from personal expenses to small business tracking its a function that many need for claiming of various travel and expenditure. OCR is able to provide a small amount of text capture which can be handled simply with a small amount of logic. But what about the more complex reciepts or with ones that require more manual intervention. In this session we are going to look at creating a platform using Drupal that will try to automatically handle receipts text using OCR and some basic regex. The automated process will attempt to identify not only tax but also item based data that can be access by the user and passed into systems like Xero, Concur and even automatically sent via email. Using the power of Drupal we will also look at how the platform can be extended to allow users to register and help process troublesome receipts manually and be compensated as part of platform monetisation or by a user platform credit exchange creating an uber style processing system.

Jibran Ijaz

The Views Field Plugin In Drupal 8, Jibran Ijaz

Views module is an integral part of the Drupal ecosystem. Almost every site built in Drupal uses Views. Views module was the first initiative to reach feature completion in Drupal 8. Like all other core systems the Views module has embraced PSR-4, the Plugins System, Annotations and ConfigEntities. In Drupal 8 the API changes under the hood for views field plugins fixes all of the Drupal 7 pain points.

In this session we'll discuss:

  • What are views field plugins?
  • How views field plugins work?
  • Which views field plugins come with core?
  • When to create a new views field plugin?
  • How to create a views field plugin?
  • How to use field formatters for base fields(entity properties) and field properties?
  • How to leverage entity caching in views field plugins?
  • How to leverage views row caching?
  • How to integrate render caching in views field plugins?
  • How to make sure the new views field plugin is not introducing performance regressions?
  • How to make sure the new views field plugin is not introducing caching problems?
  • We'll also take a look into some contrib views field plugins.
Jack Skinner

Making the Web Go Fast with Jelly Snakes and Raspberry Twizzlers, Jack Skinner

HTTP/2 is not coming - its here! In this fun and playful session I’ll take you on a journey from HTTP/1.1 to HTTP/2 enjoying the sights and delights of its new features along the way. With features like multiplexing, yesterdays best practices are now tomorrow’s anti-patterns - so what does this mean your app or API? This talk explores the best and worst practices of the way the web worked and how HTTP/2 is changing the game for performance. And it’s all explained of course, using jelly snakes and raspberry twizzlers.

Josh Martin

Drupal 8 Grand Unified Theory, Josh Martin

In this open discussion session, I will briefly outline an astoundingly simple site architecture (which is the only good idea I've ever had) and you, the audience, will shoot me down with questions and caveats. The theory relates to entity and field management, but implicates *everything* from scalability (and decoupled content-as-a-service) to optimal sass and twig templates, so I guarantee you will enjoy helping each other prove me wrong.

Chris Skene

Deploy to the moon with Platform.sh, Chris Skene

We believe that developers should concern themselves with features and code quality, not servers and tooling. We believe that infrastructure can and should be abstracted away. We believe there is no enterprise software. Just software. That auditability, security and high-availability are fundamentals. We believe that we know how to do this. That it’s our job to make software just run. On every cloud. On-premises. Everywhere.

Join Christopher Skene for an exploration of Platform.sh, the continuous deployment service built for a buzzing web development process and blazing fast production runtime, including a demonstration of how to run Drupal beyond the clouds.

Max Pogonowski

Getting Started with Drupal, Max Pogonowski

An interactive workshop where Max will work with you to get your local development environment setup so you are ready to be productive with Drupal development. This will cover virtual machines, drush, composer and other libraries for front end development. Please come along with your laptop and any questions you might have. Do your best to set up your environment first and we'll help you tweak it. This is a preliminary session to get you primed for "Your First Drupal 8 Theme". 

Max Pogonowski

Your First Drupal 8 Theme, Max Pogonowski

In this session you will get hands on with front end development in Drupal 8, creating a theme based of Classy. Max will walk you through setting up the theme with Drupal Consle and then building it out step by step. The end result will be a custom theme you have built yourself and the knowledge to go on and build more theme using solid best practices.

Matthew Thorne

From Photoshop to Frontend, Matt Thorne

In this session you will see how to translate your designs into code. Matt will take you through some of the modules he uses, responsive images, a few useful SASS mixins and some basic JavaScript to extend your base theme. This is an excellent session to attend if you have been through the previous two from Max.

Pamela Barone

Why Estimations Go Wrong, Pamela Barone

Pam will review some of her worst estimating disasters to arrive at simple strategies for how to avoid them. Rather than actually improving your estimation skills, it's about improving your client translation skills, to figure out exactly what you're supposed to be delivering. 

Dean Nguyen

User account management in Drupal 8, Dean Nguyen

Dean will provide an overview of users, user accounts, roles, permissions and access to resources. He will then go on to compare Drupal 8 and other platforms.

The venue




Getting there and away

Getting to the Island by ferry is the best way to get there and back. There is a regular ferry service from Circular Quay and Darling Harbour running every 20 or 30 minutes. Please see the timetables for details. For those returning home at the end of the day, ferries run until 11pm.

The venue is conveniently located next to the ferry. Walk up onto the island and veer left. You will see the venue in front of you and the cafe a little further down on the right hand side. You only have a few steps to travel.

Do not bring alcohol

You are not permitted to bring alcohol onto the island. There are bag searches and fines. For those wanting a drink there is alcohol available for sale. Alcohol will be served in opened bottles and there may be restrictions on where you can consume it. Campers can buy wine and beer from the Cafe and consume it responsibly in the camp grounds and firepit. We will also organise a shindig at the Island Bar on Saturday night so we should be well catered for.

Organise your tent early

Please review the various accommodation options and make your bookings early. The camping does sell out on weekends and it will be popular in spring.

Families and Children

The event has not been set up to cater for children specifically. However, it would be possible to make a fun weekend out of it for your partner and family. Cockatoo Island is an interesting place to spend a few hours wandering around. There are bars and eateries, amazing views, convict and industrial buildings and wide open spaces. Please investigate the accommodation options closely and make enquiries as to the suitability of tents for families.

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